Final Fantasy V Enhanced playthrough

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It's been a long time since I've played... well... any Final Fantasy game. The last one I ravenously devoured was FFX. After 10, I went back to college and slipped out of the franchise.

FFV is odd for me, because I vividly remember having played it a lot, but I don't remember anything about the story.

The one thing I do remember is it had an awesome job-system. I remember absolutely loving how you could choose between many job-types and then eventually mix abilities between classes to creat a Red Mage who could heal or a Monk with a fireball attack.

If you've ever played a PSP/Vita game called Class of Heroes, the ability to combine classes is somewhat similar.

I hope you enjoy this first of a series of me playing through the game, while I recount any memories that pop into my head of what I was doing in life when this game came out and when I originally played it and enjoy the game's story.