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Final Fantasy X - Enemy Attack (Metal)
Here's my version of "Enemy Attack" (album track name: I've Seen Spawns!) from Materia Collective's album "SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X"!

This time I teamed up with my buddy Ro Panuganti to make this even more polyrhythmic version of this track. FFX is in my top 3 Final Fantasy games and I was thrilled to be on this awesome collection of tracks from Materia.
Since I had much more time to work on this than my regular covers I was able to be extra careful while mixing and also tried quad-tracking the rhythm guitars (meaning the parts are played four times instead of the usual two) for added fullness of sound!

Ro's solo complemented the song perfectly and I feel like it wouldn't be the same without it, so props to him and be sure to check him out for more creative leads like this and more progness!

Also tried some new camera settings (still need to learn how to use it properly with the new lens as well so bear with me for a while!) so let me know how it turned out!