Final Fantasy XV delay thoughts/reaction: The Peasants are staying aboard the hype train!!
So possibly the most effecting news I've heard this year lol. Final fantasy XV is getting delayed 2 months. But it's cool, we peasants are gone keep the gone times rolling. Enjoying more gameplay, more trailer breakdowns, more tinfoil hat theories, more soothing themes and OST's to soothe our tears. Oh and more top tens! Lot's more Final Fantasy top 10's are in order. Let me know which you would like :)

Big shoutout to my darling Tabata at Square Enix for how he handled the FFXV delay. All in all, I'm not mad and I think this is for the best.

Hopefully they sort out the dlc season pass, carbuncle surprise, kingstale, justice monster five and bonus rewards as a result.

On a plus. Kingsglaive and brotherhood episode 4 soon!
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