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Final Fantasy XV couples: Cor/Gentiana, Luna/Noctis and Ardyn/Leviathan?
Final fantasy romance! Don't lie, it's all our guilty pleasures and the tinfoil hat is going to theory up some other ships the ffxv story might have in store besides Noctis and Luna. Could Cor Leonis and Gentiana be married? Could they be the first King and Oracle of Lucis? And as crazy as it sounds, could Ardyn Izunia be in love with the great summon Leviathan herself? Time to break down the cosmogony book we saw in the ff15 TGS trailer cutscene fully.
Loads more on daemons, chaos and astrals coming soon. Bits on whether or not two characters in the brotherhood could be 'more than friends'. There's even a sneaky extra japanese gameplay scene showing us more of Shiva in her full glory.

Kingsglaive movie spoiler alert is needless to say still in effect.

Soundtrack used consists mostly of: FFXIV songs, brave exvius ost, ffxv and a remix or two from overclocked.
Ask away for any themes used and I will hunt down the bad boy jingle that pleased your glorius ear hole :D

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Shiva oracles video:

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