Final Fantasy XV will "NOT be much different" on PS4 pro vs PS4
Final fantasy XV is being platformed on the HD PS4 pro. But after brief gameplay videos, possible 4k trailer show offs and Tabata himself in an interview discussing the pro Vs the standard PS4, it seems there really won't be much difference.

I had my suspicions it wasn't pushing the pro anywhere near to its capabilities and now we know why. They just don't have time. Honestly the FPS will be good. Some of the foliage will be better. If you have a 4k TV you will benefit. But outside of that, don't blow your money people just for this game.

FFXV will more than likely get future support or DLC patches for PS4 neo/slim/all of that good sht, aswell as a PC stream release. But before then, won't be much difference. That's the latest news on the street anyway.

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