Final Note
Hey guys,

The 2 newest videos are uploaded for early access. Hope you enjoy!

I've made the decision that I am going to cancel my Patreon page. If I'm going to run a page like this, I want it to be of the highest quality and I feel like I'm not delivering on that goal. Running the YouTube channel and trying to make the Patreon page something special is a lot of work. I might get back on Patreon in the future, when I think I can make it a better quality page but I'm going to shut it down for now. 

I've never taken any money out of this page so I'll slowly be issuing refunds back to everyone. I'm also sending out the last cards and stickers today to Ollie and Vico :) 

If you haven't received your card/sticker yet still, please send me a message.

Much Love,