The Final pieces are here!!!
I did it, I got the final pieces I need to make finish the build. Thanks to that Anon donation I was able complete my list of things needed for the build. Well not entirely complete. I want to get it up to 32 gig of RAM, but it will run very well on 16 GIG, plus I want some extra internal fans. but that can all wait, for now everything is ready to be installed. Let the building beginning *evil laughter* 

Before that I'm going to do a quick video for my Patrons of the new parts and then see how awake I am to start working on this, because as of this moment I haven't slept since 6pm yesterday and it is now 3pm the next day... Been so excited that I had the energy to go through all my tax records and get everything prepared for Thursdays appointment with the tax clinic, cleaning up a bit to prepare for the net installer tomorrow and play a bit of gaming. Now starting to feel a bit drained, but at the same time really want to build this machine... even though the software install will put me to sleep in the end... 

Well let's see how I feel after the little video.