Final push for the... finals
Hey all! Sorry for not being very active here of late, right now I'm bogged down from finals. But we have our final presentation on May 26th - after that I will be able to focus entirely on drawing for the rest of the summer, and my first priority is the batch of April commissions you guys have, then the ones who joined in May... also, hi new people!

This will be the first summer I'll try to have my art as my main source of income, rather than working a nine-to-five job and then drawing on the evenings (which was the case last year, and while I had a lot of fun with my art, it was also very stressful). I know I'll not make as much money as on a regular job, but right now I don't really care about that, all I want to do is DRAW. And you guys have a really big part in giving me the confidence to take this step - you're showing me that my art IS worth something, heck, thanks to you guys I've got almost half my rent covered which is amazing! I know I don't say this enough (because I'm not exactly good at expressing myself, and I'm a Swede, and our way of expressing affection is to give each other a silent nod) but THANK YOU SO MUCH!

This is why I feel bad for having you on the back burner and not creating as much content on this Patron as I would like right now - but I can see the light in the tunnel, and as soon as May 26th is over I'll be able to focus all my creative energy on you guys. I got some surprises up my sleeve ;D

TL;DR: Sorry for not adding much creative content and being so slow with the commissions, but soon my finals are over and I'll be able to prioritize you, my drawings and my comics. Also THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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