The Final Roll - 48 Hours Left to Go! - Episode 69: Friday, October 21st by The Final Roll


Boy, does technology hate me today. My computer took ages to quit (yes, quit) Pro Tools, Soundcloud did not want to process my Essen Spiel Recap Podcast and Patreon seems to be down for the time being. So this final roll is late, which means I’ll have to postpone the First Roll to tomorrow (I hate it when that happens, because it gives me a LOT of work on one day and it’s derby weekend (a thing only football fans will understand) so It’s incredibly hectic) I really want to work away the backlog of work, but I seem to have my Karma against me, even though I’ve been working really hard to clear it lately…

Anyway, here are the games that will end their Kickstarter over the weekend and on Monday, October 24th.

The #New Final Roll #Podcast, Episode 69: Friday, October 20th is Here! The #Games that will end their #Kickstarter Campaign over the Weekend!

Covering: Saturday, October 22nd to Monday, October 24th

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Today's Episode Features (Amongst Others):
* The Black Toofed Rebellion Airship Krew (Flytrap Factory​)
* Girl's Quest Party (Spawn 'n Pwn​)
* Star Saga (Mantic Games​)
* Hope City​
* Unreal Estate (Grand Gamers Guild​)
* Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom (Metal Weave Games​)
* Scion (Onyx Path Publishing​)

Back these Projects and Enjoy the Show!