The Final Roll - Episode 66 is Online

Ok, so after a lovely few days at Essen Spiel 16 (of which I will record a nice recap later today) and a pretty cool concert of Big D and the Kids Table & Less Than Jake (Oh yeah, The Bennies were there too!) it is time for a new Final Roll! I’m still extremely tired so you’ll have to forgive me if I mess up anywhere (and everything is going very slow!) Anyway, Let’s move on… The next First Roll will be tomorrow, but I will post a recap of what you might have missed on facebook (and maybe wordpress).

The #New Final Roll #Podcast, Episode 66: Monday, October 17th is Here! The #Games that will end their #Kickstarter Campaign in the Upcoming 48 Hours!

Covering: Tuesday, October 18th & Wednesday, October 19th.

A #Podcast + #Blog combi can be found here:

Monday's Sponsor (Even though it's Tuesday): The Role Playing Pick of the Week courtesy of Dark Naga Adventures: Legacy of Mana by Lynnvander Studios. On Kickstarter until October, 25th.

Today's Episode Features (Amongst Others):

* Fire at Will - Zulu War (AW Miniatures)
* Walk the Plank (Mayday Games)
* Lands of Lunacy (Fail Squad Games)

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