The Final Roll - Episode 70


Well, I tried doing a first roll yesterday but I was just too tired to write anything decent. So there will be a BIG episode of that later today, though I feel like $%^& and I am taking things slow today. Luckily for me, this is a very short episode unlike the First Roll coming later. There is one note I must make on today’s show though, there are a couple of politics-related projects out there that are successful, but I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t cover those unless it’s a generic game, not one that features likenesses of current day politicians and stuff like that. I don’t dabble in politics myself anymore: they just pissed me off and I decided that I wanted to spend that energy in a more positive way. So that’s why. Anyway here are the games that will end their kickstarter on Tuesday, October 25th.

The #New Final Roll #Podcast, Episode 70: Monday, October 24th is Here! The #Games that will end their #Kickstarter Campaign in the next Day!

Covering: Tuesday, October 25th.

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Today's Episode Features (Amongst Others):

* Pine Tar Baseball - 1982 Season & 2016 Playoffs (Life is Sport Games​)

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