The Final Roll - Episode 74


For the I don’t know many a time, switching back to the old, three times a week format. It’s pretty hard figuring out how to do this stuff, but you only learn by doing, right? So it’s back to a Monday, Wednesday and Friday Show. Still taking the Full days though, So here are the games that will end their kickstarter on Thursday, November 3rd and Friday, November 4th.

Oh yeah, still pretty sick so my voice is well… below par.

The #New Final Roll #Podcast, Episode 74: Wednesday, November 2nd is Here! The #Games that will end their #Kickstarter Campaign in the upcoming 48 Hours!

Covering: Thursday, November 3rd & Friday, November 4th.

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Today's Episode Features (Amongst Others):
* Super Chibi Round 2 (Relaunch) (MidKnight Heroes​)
* Valeria Card Kingdoms - Flames and Frost (Daily Magic Games​)
* Medici - The Card Game (Grail Games​)
* Illimat (Twogether Studios​)

Back these Projects and Enjoy the Show!