Sasamo. No one knows who he was. Some say he was a lecher in ages  past. Some say he was a foreign king, captured and brought to Ul’dah.  There are some who maintain that Sasamo was actually a woman, and in  fact a princess. These misguided fools believe the so-called Princess  Sasamo was found guilty of treason and forced to walk the seventy-seven  steps outside Ul’dah’s western gates, seventy-seven times a day for  seventy-seven days.

All are wrong. Sasamo was the predecessor of Raubahn Aldynn!

We  all know Raubahn has lalafellin blood in him. Look at his son, Pippin,  who came out inexplicably short for a ‘highlander’. (Some claim Pippin  to be adopted. If he was adopted, why does he bear such a striking  resemblance to a young Raubahn? It’s an attempt to cover up a scandal,  obviously!)

But Sasamo, the legendary Sasamo, hit both the highest  highs and lowest lows imaginable. He defended Ul’dah’s gates from  foreigners, true, but also conspired with them. He was personally named  an attendant to the Sultan of his day, but then sided with the  treacherous Thorne Dynasty who usurped control. (In fact, it was only  due to the clamoring for blood of the many Sasamo had personally wronged  that the Thorne Dynasty ended as it did to begin with!)

His sins  were uncountable. The plan, initially, was to make five thousand steps.  The builders hired were Ala Mhigan contractors who milked the clock so  hard the construction ended at fifty-five, and unsatisfied with that,  the man himself made another fourteen. Though the steps bore his  multitude of sins, they also lifted up all who bore witness, who knew  not to act as he had. Because symbolism.


But  the final sin of Sasamo, unreported for long ages, was one only  recently revealed: he escaped punishment altogether! By eloping with  voidsent, he was able to escape justice and flee to a place where time  holds no meaning. It was, in fact, only a matter of decades past that he  returned, crafted a false guise to inhabit, and possesses the body of a  man of mysterious origin, purportedly from a country which would  suspiciously be unable to provide records:

The very same Raubahn  Aldynn! Oh yes, from the Void Sasamo sculpted and guided the growth of  his bloodline until one perfect subject - Raubahn - was born. When the  man was old enough for Sasamo’s tastes, his spirit forced the host’s out  and he became the new Raubahn. All the countless sins committed by the  former Flame General - not the least of which being desertion and being  derelict of duty - are because he’s been long dead, his soul departed  after being shunted out by a centuries-old traitor.

Her  Grace the Sultana has doubtless discovered this already, which is why  she unceremoniously fired him. We’re very proud of Her Grace.

Minaji Maji is just telling the truth and doing Nald’s work.