Final Version of Chapter Thirty Six
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My Sincere Gratitude

You've dangled another apple in front of me (perhaps literally, as I do love apples). You have my eternal gratitude and will receive an acknowledgement at the end of the project you are supporting.
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Self-Inserts? Why not?

In addition to the above, you will also receive a cameo under the name of your choosing. Well, within reason, of course, but you can make my life difficult by forcing me to figure out how to add the strangest names to the text, if you wish.
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A Sneak Peak

Oh my. You are a kind and generous person. I cannot help but respond in kind. Now I know how horrible waiting for updates is, and I would at least alleviate that pain for you. Not only will you be allowed to view a chapter before it's published, you can also beat me over the head when you think I'm doing something wrong as part of the prereading process, should you choose.
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Wait, How Did You Find This?

You have unlocked access to the secret place I store my drafts and notes. Inside this treasure horde lies spoilers untold and text that hasn't even been distributed to my prereaders yet. Of course anything you find in this vault is primarily meant for my use, and as such is unstable, possibly outdated, and subject to change, especially outlines and my horrible crude drafts (no, they're not even rough). However, they're yours for the reading.
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