Every spring, on Upper Klamath Lake in southern Oregon, both Western and Clark's Grebes gather to mate. Their courtship rituals are both spectacular and famous. They pair up, bob heads, make strange vocalizations and if all of that goes well, start running across the water in perfect synchronization. Bizarre and beautiful. 

I've tried for years to capture this behavior, but something has always gone wrong. They are too far away. They stopped courtship rituals a week earlier than the previous year. Bad light, bad weather...Always something! Persistence finally paid off last week. 

Above are Western Grebes and below are Clark's grebes. Similar, but different. Clark's eyes are surrounded in white feathers and have bright yellow beaks, while Western Grebes have black/grey around their eyes and a duller colored beak. 

These two images were the result of a few hours of waiting. Well worth it. I was hoping to post a video for Patrons, but it wasn't that easy. LOL. 

I'm  hoping some of you received your 'Smoke on The Water' greeting cards by now and that they arrived in good condition. 

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I'm curious if any of  you have anything you'd like me to provide/post on this page. 

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