I am sharing this post as a "creation" because of the amount of strategic and creative process that went into it. Over the past year I have devoted countless hours into finding the perfect house not only for my family, but for my art. It needed to have lots of big walls to hang my work, tall ceilings so I could paint BIG paintings, a certain architectural character beyond the norm, land to grow flowers to paint & practice a little dirt therapy, space to create, space to teach, and room to grow, oh, and under our budget, all within 25 minutes of my hubby's work. I admit, this list was pretty out there, especially when you consider this is the land of smaller lots, a crazy fast market, and high property values. It can only be chalked up to God working his magic. I first saw this house on the market last summer when we moved to Washington in 2013. It was about 10 months too soon for us to act on it, as our home in Alaska was still being renovated and didn't sell until later in 2014. I wrote this house off as a fairy-tale house and saved it in my favorites on the real estate website, just so I could go back and drool over it later. *It's so pretty!* I NEVER would have thought that between then and now the house would go into foreclosure, be sold to a bank, and then auctioned to another bank, before going back on the market drastically reduced in price and WAY under our budget right when we were ready to pounce thanks to the sale of our Alaska home! Over the months following me seeing it for the first time, I watched the bank activity on the house via the real estate website, hands tied, I would think to myself. "How funny would it be if each step is a piece of a puzzle God is working on, one that ended with us living in this amazing house." I would smile, dismiss the fairy-tale, and return to my daily house search, almost writing it off as impossible. Towards the end of that waiting period, we found a few other houses that were do-able. We compromised on the wish list and decided to make an offer. Each time, multiple offers beat us to the table. Each at an uncomfortably high price. It was discouraging but in hindsight, just part of the blessing being orchestrated. To add to the fabulous nature of this home, it is located in a beautiful neighborhood with many artists, a picturesque lake and parks, and such a friendly community. <3 I feel so at home and so very excited to say that we are now officially closed on the house! :D The fairy-tale is real. :) Now to get started on my "Happily Ever After" :) My grand schemes for model sessions, classes, etc. are one step closer to reality! In the words of Buzz Lightyear, "To infinity, and beyond!"