Finally Recording Again!!
Well I've finally got recording again. I tried two days ago, but the sound died halfway through, and I was too exhausted to start again.

This illness has fatigued me more than I thought it would. I recorded a video that is using the fabrics I bought for my Hughesy quilt, which I did a show 'n tell video on wayyy back in the day, but wanted to do one as a role play, and with my new microphone.

Pretty happy with how that has turned out, which will be released in the first week of March. Been so good to be ahead of schedule so that an illness like this hasn't held me back.

But it's good to be recording again! I've missed it. I will record my Viewers' Appreciation tomorrow, but thinking about recording that library video a bit later today maybe.

I also need to fix up this Travel Agent video that I released last week, but I'd apparently messed up the editing, so I ended up moving up another video after 41 views when Margie let me know that something was weird with it.

That video will now be coming out on 30 Jan.

Anyway, just a quick update!! Thanks again for all your support! I love hearing from my tinglelings, and all the support I get from you! :)

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