Finally back home!
Tldr: Photo rewards latest Thursday, what do you wanna see for march, and reward change details for next month coming today! :3

So Sylveon Photos will be out soon! :D

I just need to finish the other stocking, and sew all the bows, then I’ll shoot the set tomorrow morning and see if I can get everything done by tomorrow night or Thursday evening for upload XP

This whole funeral business wrecked my plans for the month up completely, so I haven’t even had time to think of what to do next month😱 so what do you guys wanna see? I’ll be finishing Evelynn for an event at the end of April so I’ll be doing her rewards for then, so what do you guys want to see for March? :3

I’ve also pretty much got all of the reward changes finalized, soo I’ll post about all the changes and details tonight, just so that you know what’s going on and all the new exciting things I’ll be offering :3

Hope you all are having a great week so far!