FINALLY BACK IN!!! - Please Read -
I'm going to be 100% honest.  I started this Patreon and could never figure out how it worked. The only person I knew who used it and loved it just happened to find the new changes meant a lot of people were leaving so they stopped using it, and I didn't really know who to ask for help as I couldn't seem to find what I needed within the site.  Meanwhile, I had to leave Facebook for a good six or so months due to my health and some harassment over said health. Apparently, my Patreon for the magazine was tied to my Facebook but I did not realize that (I could have sworn I created a log in with my e-mail!) so I also had no way to get back in for a long time. When I had last managed to get in, I was being notified I was getting support money every month but nowhere in any account was any money ever coming. Was this the thing my friend complained about and ended up leaving the site over? I had no idea.  My health and life was too crazy to truly understand this all and I wrongly assumed Patreon just happened to be taking that $2 a month in fees.

Well, someone hacked my Facebook account but that was a blessing because I was off of it for six months and now was connected to everything again. I remembered Patreon when I saw another friend's post about it so I tried again. Facebook was back so it worked right away.  Immediately I noticed how much easier it is to navigate the website. Immediately, I also realized why I had never seen any of the support you've generously given me all this time.  My account was strangely set-up to be a foreign account, so about $22 has been sitting awaiting for me to put in some sort of form.  I have no idea why it was like that, I don't ever remember setting up much for payments other than I could've sworn I attached it to PayPal. Apparently not.  

I know this sounds a bit embarrassing for someone trying to run this magazine with all the attached goals, but I've always promised to be blunt with everyone about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.  I would frankly be more embarrassed if I lied or left things out and simply went on my way.  For the patron who has stuck with us this whole time... THANK YOU. As soon as I can figure out what I need to do to get this money out, I am going to use it to pay for something I have really needed to buy for the site and I definitely want to do something special for you. It also brings me a step closer to hiring more people to help, so hopefully things like this won't happen again in the future. ^_^;;

Thank you so much again. So much. More later. More soon. And check out Leafleur.Com - we've had some big updates lately and a business directory for dispensaries is about to go live! <3 (We're testing it with Ganja Goddess Seattle's listing.  Our first ever 100% legal dispensary visit.  Gotta give them props for the love they showed us then, forever and always. <3)

Alaina Bernadine


Lealeur Magazine

P.S. The Bazaar Traveler just went LIVE on Leafleur so stay tuned for more adventures as we merge the two sites. :) "Bernadine's Beauty Blog" is also now "#PartakeInStyle w/A. Bernadine". Thanks!

#PartakeInAdventure #PartakeResponsibly #PartakeInStyle 

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