by FlyingPegasus101

Finally, after five years (and a few months), we get a Gears of War game that isn’t a remaster or a story spinoff. In that time, we apparently missed 25 years worth of consequences of the ending of Gears 3: to Shorten that 25 years into a few sentences- anywhere outside of COG settlements is not safe and martial law is in effect to protect all COG citizens. Devastating weather patterns and storms make constant cover necessary for anything to survive. Mega Cog settlements are under constant construction by newly engineered Robot units, to facilitate the expanding human race. The finer points of the plot can be found out by playing the game, now onto the review.


Right off the bat I was worried that we would not have any interesting new characters and would just be looking forward to the appearances of the old ones, I’m glad that did not turn out to be the case. The interaction feels organic, and you care enough to pay attention to their banter and lines. 


The main baddies in this game were the ones to save it. The first enemies were different and kind of cool for a moment but, quickly became tiresome and just plain boring. Even the main enemies are not all that interesting in design, but become interesting when you find out what they are.


The story itself is solid- there is quite a bit of fanservice, but lots of new elements that make getting to the ending anything but a chore. Tons of unexpected twists, and where it eventually ends up makes it worth the typical grind it out gears gameplay. 


If you love Gears combat, you are going to love this combat system- maybe even more than the older games. The environment really makes combat a lot more engaging than previous games; the guns and equipment are nothing new and that is a bit of a disappointment. Nothing that blows you out of the water in the combat category. If you loved the combat before, the minor changes will make it a better experience but, if you were never a fan nothing here will make you change your mind.


By far the best element of the game- the backdrops are beautiful, the changing environment is fantastic looking. No funky textures or glitches at all in my playthrough. Just fantastic work here.


Multiplayer is essentially the same fast paced, up close and personal gameplay that is always has been- with numerous fun game modes that will keep you playing for many many hours, even after the story is completed. Horde mode by itself gives you as much content as some AAA games do nowadays- character leveling and unlocks along with the ability to play with friends across platforms even, PC/Xbox. 

Overall, I feel like this is a game that is definitely worth your time to play. Especially with black friday coming up, getting this game for under $40 is a steal. Gears of War is back with a vengeance.