Finally got that video
Money-Making Muzak from Max on Myspace.

No comic today because I finally wanted to get the clip for this campaign done like I've been teasing since I launched this page.

Instead, you get an alternate take of the clip's background music. It has a little more guitar than the version I used, and it sounds better. Or it's supposed to. I've dusted off my old MySpace page to make use of it. So I guess it's not really exclusive content, but I'm pretty sure there haven't been any visitors to since 2008 or so, so it's rare enough. I hope embedding it here won't force-feed that advertising on you that MySpace seems to have on everything these days. Let me know if it does, and I'll try something else. (Seriously, I should just take it to Bandcamp anyway.)

I don't fancy myself much of a musician, but I do dabble, so ever since I decided I needed background music for the clip, it was also decided I'd make it myself, using a shareware composing app for the drums and Audacity for the edits. I used to be a pretty good bass player, long before people started making bass player jokes because they feel the need to mock what they don't understand (and nobody understands what a bass player does). But I stopped practicing right around the time I got more serious about drawing. Never amounted to much on the guitar to begin with, but luckily I wasn't planning to win a music contest with this. It's all very cheap and a bit trashy, which is just the way I wanted it.

Oh, and the tune just had to be the most generic muzak. Because background. I even toned it down more after trying it with my narration, by removing even more guitar licks. I also had to re-record the narration to be more outgoing and narratey than I thought it was before. You'll probably still think I'm mostly talking to myself, but by my standards, that's practically my sports commentator voice.

All in all, that was a fun process. Looking forward to making more clips, and more generic-sounding backing music.