FINALLY, here is the BIG THING, this is HUUUUGE!!!
Omigosh, I have been waiting SO LONG to share this with you beautiful humans!!!!

SURPRISE: with great pride and joy, here is the first song from my upcoming album, which shall be called Always Wandering from this day forth!

Basically, I realised that travelling to the UK and doing all these songs I love so much in THREE DAYS, and pushing to find the money, and all the stress of it...well, that just didn't flow with how I want to move forward with my music, creativity, life, health and ALL!

And so, using the money raised in December on Patreon, and with your support going forward,  I shall be releasing one song per month right here on Patreon, with music-inspired artwork by Alexis Aronson! We'll also have limited-print signed posters of the artwork, offered first to y'all on Patreon, OBVS! 

SO: all patrons can now download Lovers In The Morning Light and the high resolution digital poster to go with it, in the same folder which has ALL of my albums and unreleased music:

This particular recording is the result of a collaboration between the incredible Spencer Handley and myself. We met at Patreon last year (he works there) and he was already ALSO one of the Nateives here on Patreon, whaaaaat! Anyway, he wrote to me a few months later suggesting a collab...and the result is what you are about to hear! This dude is MAD TALENTED, so do check out his Patreon and Youtube for more goodness. Also, huge thanks to Vicente Espi for his work on mastering this track, he turned something which sounded beautiful into something which plays sublime. Thank you!

And here is a low-res example of the beauteous Lovers, by Alexis 😍:

I know that this is a HUGE change from how I started out thinking of this whole album thing, but it feels so right!

I want this creative experience to be an ongoing conversation with you and with the world, ya dig?? 

You are all so important to me, and I hope that you understand and are excited about this change. 

YES, this means that we have longer to wait for the songs, but OMIGOSH the journey to get there is gonna be so much more fun!

Which brings me to the next huge news:

You Are My Record Label:

Yes, you heard me right! My new friend Kina Grannis inspired the crap outta me when she did this same thing on her Patreon page a few months ago. 

I realised that the simple truth is this: YOU, dear patrons, YOU are the reason I am a full-time artist, YOU are the reason I can afford to keep making music, YOU are my feedback, my foundation, my support on SO MANY LEVELS!

Basically, YOU fulfil the role of a traditional record label, except (and this is a HUGE except) you allow me to retain my creative control, and you aren't in it for the are in it for the art, which is SO MUCH COOLER, OMG!!!!

And SO, in the coming weeks and months, we shall be coming up with our own 'Record Label Name', Logo, Mission Statement and more, as a collaborative experience, together!!

Everyone who pledges, whether it's $1 or $100, is now a part of the record label. 

I'll be honest (I always am), I don't really know how this is all going to unfold exactly, all I know is I want to keep sharing this journey with you incredible humans for as long as I possibly can. 

What Happens Next:

For now, I'm focusing on getting through with Grahamstown Festival.

Once I return, the beautiful design of the Lovers is going to be added to various merch on a new online store...and the whole world will be able to purchase t-shirts, tote bags, notebooks and more! With a sweet discount for patrons, of course, WOOHOOOO!

For now, all I ask is that you press play and enjoy my song, Lovers In The Morning Light, shared with my whole heart, with joy and deep gratitude for your part in making this real!!!!

Thank you to Alexis and Spencer, for making such beautiful art with me, you two inspire me so much. 

And thank you all, every single one of YOU reading this!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

Your Troubadour

PS: reminder that all patrons can download the song and high res poster along with ALL the music RIGHT HERE!