Finally moving forward
I'm not even sure if anyone is following the development of the game yet, but I plan on giving periodic updates with screenshots of the game in its development, both here, and on Facebook.

As you can see from the above image, the layout of the main lobby page is reconstructed. I have to reconstruct every single layout of every single tab that you see here. The GAME tab is going to be the biggest problem.

See, in the previous incarnation of the game, I had every single POSSIBLE card location marked out.  I don't think that will be necessary in this incarnation of the game... but it may be.  The OLD layouts were all done in XML documents that Silverlight (the old language I was using) would parse through. VB.NET has everything done in the editor... or through code, directly in the app.  The question is, do I go through that XML and translate it, or do I just recreate it from scratch?

Anyway, I just thought I would show that I'm actually working on the game.

As far as future development is concerned. I want to make sure everyone knows... I am a 42 year old father of 6 (5 of which are at home with me here, ages 5 to 14)... I drive for Uber to make a living right now, and in the past month I have had to drive 50+ hours per week to get some finances back in order.  This has left me with very little time for development.

And to be honest, sometimes getting started is the hardest part... remembering what I did 5 years ago with this project took a little bit of time.  Now that I'm started, I should be good to go in that regard.

Being sick, dealing with some car maintenance and repairs, and other family issues, has held me back... but the way is clearing.

I intend on putting out at least one update a month to keep any patrons updated.