finally setting myself up for success!
starting out a patreon page after only having posted my stuff via facebook, or deviant-art, or a couple other sources that havent been updated as much either.

That changes today! as of now, patreon is my home page and everything I do and see when I log in is patreon and you!

while still attending college, I fear my progress toward making my actual games I have planned out have halted with the backlog of other mediums of art in the way, such as animation and the usual gen-ed courses.

however once I hit that programming class, awwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy we go! adventure awaits all who stay tuned to my future posts!

for those who enjoy books, do you enjoy the fantasy genre? maybe a bit of action? one of my first games I will be releasing is text based! and with youe pledges, you have the opportunity to become part of the story!

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