Finances Update

The latest "illustrative" balance sheet for MSP Social is attached. Overall we're doing great, and have a surplus both in operating and community funding reserves. Thanks to everybody who contributes!

The two biggest "liabilities" are MSP Social's reserve accounts, for operating budget and for future decisions made by the instance to give back to the community. 

At current hosting costs, if all donations ceased, MSP Social could run for about 6 months.

This balance sheet is illustrative because it isn't up-to-the minute with regard to, for example, amounts owed to Digital Ocean. Instead, it reflects an estimate of what is owed on a monthly basis. I do this because even before the liability is accrued it's reasonable to assume it will be owed and so we ought to have sufficient funds to cover it at all times.

There are outstanding balances due to Streets, Grease Rag, and the Tool Library because I have been passing the money along quarterly, and tracking the amounts due in the meantime. I'll make the next payments in March.

The negative balance in the "Merch Receivable" account indicates that MSP Social has pin revenue that technically belongs to me. For every :gayduck: pin sold, $2.27 goes into the Merch Receivable account as an "asset" until MSP Social actually gets the money for that sale. That amount is offset when pin revenue is received—it is no longer a receivable, and the pin revenue is now a cash asset in a bank account.

Revenue from pin sales all goes in to MSP Social's checking account, most of it now coming from Etsy—but Etsy revenue generally includes both the amounts that are committed to the instance, and the amounts that cover costs, which I personally front. The portion that belongs to me is reflected as a negative amount in the Merch Receivable account—it is pin revenue that MSP Social has but that is owed to me to cover costs. From time to time I either pay this money out to myself or I donate it to the instance, usually the latter.

Aspirationally, I'd like MSP Social to get some sort of tax exempt status. This might be attainable with a sufficient amount of savings to pay the filing fees and other costs associated with such an endeavor. But we're still a ways off from that, so in the meantime, steady as we go!

Thanks for being part of the community. :)