Financial Respirators:
I find it amusing…amusing and disturbing that while the congress and senate debate the coming ‘tax cuts’ that average Americans live from day-to-day and week-to-week.

I find it amusing…amusing and quite disturbing that the average congress person, senator and/or bureaucratic grub makes evergreen money and live lives where they never have to deliver anything for guaranteed employment…all the while average Americans toil in obscurity and mush through long-days with the absentee hope of staying employed.

I find it amusing…amusing and downright deplorable that no one in congress, or the senate seem to speak of the support and bolstering of the average American who could stand some debt relief and at least one sweet day of jubilation to appear into their world.

Financial Respirators:

Average Americans talk to me. 

I hear their laments. 

I listen to their words. 

Their plea is for some help…direct help that will get them off of the financial respirators strapped to their wallets that long-ago wore out and needed to be both improved upon and ultimately discarded.

Cherish This Day!

Steve Bonenberger

[email protected]