Find and Replace in DokuWiki
One feature people ask for from time to time on the forums, is a Find&Replace option in DokuWiki . I agree, once in a while I needed that myself.

So over the last two days I sat down and revamped my DokuWiki Toolbox plugin  and added a Find&Replace dialog. It has the usual features:

Because I was refactoring anyway, I also improved the sort mechanism to use natural sort. And the word and character count interface got a little face lift as well.

Now if you're a little like me, you often edit a whole bunch of wikis that will not have this plugin installed. But wouldn't it be nice to have the functionality anyway? Luckily it's all JavaScript... so it's easy to just inject it into any wiki through a browser extension.

Thanks to the new WebExtension standard, the plugin can now be installed in Chrome  and Firefox  and maybe one day in MS Edge as well. Once installed, you will find the little orange wrench in every DokuWiki's toolbar you'll edit.

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