Find out who your Soul Council is and find out about your future and your soul path!
Your counsel, that in my experience are usually 3 to 7 beings, are the ones who write our soul contract. They are also the ones that signed the contract when a soul chooses us as a parent… They know our future, they know why we are here, and they know where we are going after we leave this world… This will be the first time that the guides have taken us to meet our council so I am beyond excited about Wednesday night meditation! The lesson will include some stuff about the messages that we missed from our guides and how to bring those messages through and some other stuff that the guides have mentioned to me throughout the week… This week is going to be a lot of fun. Last six weeks have been extremely heavy with the soul house series. We’ve gone into other realms of existence, into the angelic plane, and God knows where else in our attempt to meet our highest self! And most of us did! Tomorrow night is going to be fun, light, easy, and amazing! I seriously can’t wait!!!  I’m hoping to be able to get in some readings for a couple of the in person attendees and hopefully a couple for the online. Last few weeks we have not had time for that because of the length of the meditations and lesson. Tier 4 people don’t forget to enter your coupon code so that you can come to class for one dollar!! See you all tomorrow!! Marisa [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] with questions on how to reserve a space (limited space online and Live since I’ll be doing energy work in addition to healing on everyone personally so that everyone can connect with their council!) My council is who I use to channel and they are who I talk to all day everyday ... I call them the muppet hecklers because that’s how I feel when they egg me on (lovingly of course) or yell out to me randomly through out the day! I love them and you will LOVE yours too! Woo hoo!! Tickets at (click the buy tickets button) See you soon!!