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Find You There // First video from my songwriting business!
Hey guys!! This was the first song I wrote from my new songwriting business for Jon ☺️. I'm so so proud of it. He asked for some kind of lullaby, and this was what came out! I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by the world and all of the evil in it. I hope this brings a sense of hope to your day! Please share this with people that you think need to hear it! It truly helps 💛 LINK | LYRICS // Turn off the news And play me a beautiful song That I have been waiting for, praying for, What do we do? Take me to peace Where knowing's not tragedy Cuz I have been reading more, and crying more Consciously Under my skin I know Living inside my bones Under the surface of what we've made known I will find you there Turn off the noise And sing me a lullaby Cuz I wanna dream a bit, so I can live More awake // ALEX