Finding structure as a solitary
Trying a bit of a new format here, as I wasn't particularly liking how the links to blog posts were working.

This is a bit of a glimpse into my own personal tracking, the modified Bullet Journal system I am using to keep my days structured (since for the most part I can do my things whenever during the day).  I know that if I don't give myself structure, then the less fun things often don't get done.

So that is what I wanted to talk about this week in my blog:  how to create structure and support in your solitary practice.  I have ended up with quite a lot of both in my practice and life over the past couple of years, not only am I part of severan groups that are geared at supporting members, but I have also evolved my personal planning to better suit my needs (and seen a HUGE difference in how much I get done)

Come check out my blog post on it here:

I'd love to hear what you all do to find structure and support?  Got any tips you'd like to share?