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Fine art lithograph prints--putting it all together
One of the big projects keeping me occupied at the moment is setting up my shop. Artfinder is a wonderful website enabling artists to reach a global market. They are very committed to helping their artists look their best, advertising, and reaching existing and potential art collectors. They limit any print listing to a very limited edition of under 250. I can imagine that committing to purchasing original paintings or fine art print editions online feels risky and uncertain. So I am trying to provide as many photos as I can putting the artwork in context of what it may look like in the home. I also have to produce the prints, inspect for quality, order framing where applicable, sign and frame the prints individually, as well as print and sign a certificate of authenticity. It is a lot of work, but quite necessary for small time artists like me, who don't have the means to employ others to do this less-creative part of the business. Truth be told, I enjoy being able to put a personal touch on such tasks. <3 I have more projects happening along this line of limited production and helping other artists overcome the obstacles of presenting their work professionally online. Hopefully I will be able to continue to produce a few paintings every month along with exploring this new potential revenue. A big thank you for following me and supporting my creative journey. I am starting to see being a professional income-earning artist as a real (though difficult) possibility!! It is so exciting to work and do what I feel I was called to!! :) I seriously couldn't have done it without your contributions. Please, always feel free to chat with me, post comments, like, and tell me what you are up to!