☀️ a fine day!

it's a fine day to make a post! no humidity, warm and sunny, nice and fresh. pity it won't last, but you gotta take these nice dry days when you can get them before the air turns to soup again!!

just checkin' in to let people know i'm still alive! rewards were sent out and one large piece nears completion. i should have another WIP or two to share before that's done! for health reasons my work has mostly slowed to a crawl, but i do find time to work here and there, bits at a time. i'd rather work at my own pace than not at all. some days i have the time and energy, some i don't. that's just how it'll be for the forseeable future. 🐌💦 because of this, i will not be taking on new work until my current queue is done! 

in some cooler news, i snagged the app aseprite to work with for pixels. this month's wallpaper was made with it, in fact! it'll take a little work to get used to and i have many adjustments to make, but this program is much more geared toward pixel work and animation than photoshop CS2 was. so far i'm quite happy with my purchase, and i just know it'll come in useful from now on!

that's it for now, friendos! see you again in fall! 🍃ヾ(。・ω・。)

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