Fine Hawaiian Art - Humanitarian Cause and KAVA?
I will soon be announcing a partnership with some really awesome people, an Emmy nominated Actress, a 4 time Grammy Award winning musician and an Oscar Winning Actor.  We are joining forces to help native communities in Polynesia,
in commemoration of this humanitarian project I will be doing a series of paintings for Contemporary Masters Gallery in Lahina Maui, while the large originals will be exclusive to that gallery my smaller studies on 8x10 canvas and of course the prints will also be available. Here is a preview of kind of art that is to come.. Stay excited its about to get a whole lot more awesome..

The above original painting of a Hawaiian Kane (man) pounding poi is SOLD to an Unnamed  Philanthropist however

Prints are currently available for just $5 per month, Digital prints for $1 per moth and larger giclee prints on canvas range from a few hundred to a few thousand depending on size,  the proceeds from your subscription or one time purchase

(visit ) *site under construction but have a look anyway

help with this project and with the humanitarian aid to the peoples of Vanuatu, Tonga & Tokelau and other areas in Polynesia that are coping with the rise in sea levels and other challenges.

In the very near future we are also partnering with some of the world best highest ranking kava, as rated by the , this same excellent high ranking kava will be repackaged with my labels and included with your order will be a postcard of my artwork, and all without charging more than the cost of the kava you may already be buying every month, this offer will be exclusive to Patreon and , a percentage from every order will help the aforementioned efforts in Polynesia and with this massive art book and film project.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is, but to continue to do that I need your help to spread the word about what I am doing and about this novel idea of Artistic Philanthropy, the vision that I can not only make it as a full-time artist, I can continue to give at least half of my profits to charity, indefinitely!!!!!

for $1 per month you get a digital subscription to my best art sent to your email
for $5 you get a postcard with the same awesome art
for $25 you get an 8x10 print sent in the mail (even more awesome because you can see all the tiny details even better
and larger rewards are also available for bigger subscriptions..

for one time contributions contact me directly via facebook to discuss what you want me to paint for you, or what print you want to purchase, but as you can see i'm providing a lot of value for a very little price for subscribers so I hope you will also subscribe to at least the $1 per month level[email protected]- Andrew "Manupupule"Artists, Explorer, Philanthropist, (and soon to be Author / Filmmaker with your help)