The Finest Adventure, drawing winners, and new members
Wow!  Day One of the pledge drive was a success!  


Last-minute I decided to invite local folks to the online concert and 20 lovely souls came to my home and watched in person while I did the Concert Window show.  

Also, more than 25 folks became new members yesterday. Oh my gosh, y'all!  Thank you thank you!  Welcome!

I love giving stuff away, and so I did a CD give-away including all the folks who posted messages and new patrons.... and you can see the drawing here:

I have to say that all this is leaving me feeling so moved, inspired and connected.  And I can't wait to do it again! How about Wednesday?!! :)  

Oh! I almost forgot... This video is of the song, The Finest Adventure. I sang it by request last night, after making a few changes earlier that day.  I hope you can forgive my memory lapse.  I hope you enjoy it anyway. I think it captured something sweet.  What do you think?   

If you don't have the Patreon app yet, I hope you get it. I am a Patron of a few artists too, and I love seeing them right on my phone.  I hope you like it too!

much peace love and music,