Finished BETA art: The Fishop
THE FISHOP is a finny friend for your team! Offense is important, but so are healing and strategy. This learned master of murk makes a muddle of your rivals' plans by bringing banished brethren back from beyond the board. 

Kevin, Team Kultzow, & Interrobang Studios bring you POCKET RIVALS, a 2-player strategy card game! We’d love you to meet Kevin’s new card characters, so we’ll be posting the #BETA Edition art here, every day. Don’t want to wait? Go to and check out the character gallery!

The universe is a bizarre, wonderful place. Scattered across the vastness of time and space lie infinite pocket dimensions, each strangely similar yet unique. For the civilizations that have learned to navigate these pockets, conventional war has become a relic of more primitive times. Now conflicts are resolved in more elegant ways - not just in contests of power, but also of speed, wit and charm. Gather a team of allies from across these worlds and show your strength by defeating your Pocket Rivals in a series of these challenges. Savor your victories while you can, for it will not be long until your next match! 

May the best Pocket Dimension win!