Finished computer build... sort of
Happy Easter peeps. Here is a photo of the completed machine without a brain... Geez, this whole process caused an insanely huge headache that was a vice grip on my skull, took some pain killers to dull the pain and they have finally kicked in, bu that was really horrible. Haven't had one like that in a long while. *sighs* 

As I mentioned I just need to get a copy of Win 10, due to my own failure, and everything should be good to go. After that is the fun task of installing Everything. That could take a while, but I still have this laptop to work on while installing. 

Depending on how quickly the fiber net line takes to install today I should be able to run out for the OS before everything closes because if I don't get it today I have to wait until Tuesday to buy it. Not that big a deal, just means everything won't be ready for me to go back to work on Tuesday. 

Also need to print off the last of the tax stuff at the library on Tuesday, and return the old modem... This has been a very busy few days. 

Well thanks again all of you for your support. I'll do another Patreon Video later to run down the build a bit more and give you another run down of the craziness that was this build. Sweetie is a sleep right now so can't do it right this moment. 

Well enjoy your easter. Kat 

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