Finished Hekate Pencil Sketch
This is just the first step (next time I think I'll try a smaller piece, ha).  The next step is to get in there with some black colored pencil and start rendering in a more three dimensional appearing, fuzzy-edged Symbolist sort of way.  The first pencil sketch is by necessity usually fairly linear. 

I've got Her all junked up in a ton of Thracian jewelry (which will be gold); the 'brooches' at Her shoulders are actually medallions from a horse's bridle, which is appropriate because the horse is one of Her sacred animals.  The masks on the pole are after clay masks found in ritual burials from Neolithic Bulgaria (the same location as Classical Thrace).  They weren't actually buried with human remains, just buried by themselves in some kind of ritual act, perhaps as a symbol of the death Goddess (that's what Marija Gimbutas thought, anyway).

The little plant on the lower left is mandrake (though it's probably a bit smaller than a real one; the medallion of leaves can actually get like three feet across); the plant on the right is henbane.  The tangled roots are those of yew, another plant sacred to Hekate.  The odd cloudy sort of sketchy bit in the top half is meant to be the leafy/needly part of the yew; I know what I'm going to do with the texture of it, so only sketched it in roughly.  I really like the tangled texture of the yew trunks and roots, and I may want to extend it up into more of a forest than a hedge.  I'm not sure, though.  For one I want it to be very dense, like a wall, with no depth like you'd see through even a very thick forest; I also want a good deal of dark green in there.  I guess I'll have to sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow.

For now though, I can start in on the colored pencil.  I'll start with Her and the dogs, since I know what I want them to look like, then figure out the values of the background and foreground so it all is readable.  And then after the colored pencil is all in place I'll start with the layers of ink.  It's going to be more tinted than painted, if that makes sense; the effect I want is one like tinting a black and white photograph.