"Finished not perfect” the best motivational speech I’ve heard PART ONE
I started a painting back in 2004 and I had to stop it because I was not happy about it. Reality was that I didn't know how to draw a foot. For a more brutal truth: I never practice how to draw a foot before starting my painting. I did it maybe only one other foot and I start this gigantic painting without any proper sketch. I was sort of an inexperienced autodidact not so much interested into growing my skills. That was a bad approach… lesson learned!


That's very unfortunate that I never push myself back then  because if I was not aware of all the motivation other artists can bring. I was just sort of frustrated and jealous mumbling that I can never achieve the level of the best artists on Deviantart (and they got better since). Sure, there was a bit of Internet (but without a well developed Youtube) back in 2004, forums and personal blog were available. Even without internet, I could have listened to Bob Ross on tv or just go to the library.  Nowadays I see these young artists making huge progress in their art in only 6 months (I’m aware that I sound like a grumpy grandma). But that's true, theses young souls are lucky of being surrounded by a lot of great speakers that bloomed with the social media era. If I was drawing and painting 12 years ago while listening to a motivational speech who's know where I will be now! One thing will be sure. My painting will have been finished. 

That was my approach a year ago from now when I realized that if I want to be good at body painting, I need to be better at painting. And before painting, being good at sketching is required. So I set on my table with headphones on and I started drawing for long periods of time frequently.

( to be continued in part two)

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