Finished Project: "Interaction"
It's finally done! After all the hours of work, I'm really happy to be finished with this project.


Here and there I still see some things, that could've needed some tweaking, but the software I'm using is a lottery, unfortunately.

I had to fix round about ten frames, everytime I started the software. Some frames got lost, some frames were littered all over the project, and things like that.

Since "Pencil" isn't a very stable software, it crashed multiple times a day and as I said, I had to redraw some frames, because of the restart.

It was very frustrating for me, because I thought, I'd finish today without mayor problems. Pencil crashed right before I drew the last five frames. After I restarted the software and loaded in the project, it was a huuuuge mess. Luckily (don't ask me how), I managed to get the software to give me a not so crashed version of my project, so I was able to finish in another hour of work.

That is exactly the reason, I need a more stable and more potent software for my 2D Animations. I waste an enormous amount of time on redrawing and fixing old stuff.

I'm sure, that I can't created bigger projects like Interaction with Pencil, without doing harm to myself out of rage.

I will focus on making smaller projects, to keep my stress level low until I'm able to afford a more profesionall software for animation.


Looking at the result I'm quite happy with how it turned out on a emotional level. I managed to make it match my vision, I had for it, quite good. Although I'd really love to change some of the timings, the speed and some gestures.

In the midst of the work, I realized, that in regards of the challenges I took many steps with one big step of mine. That caused the project to take much more time I actually thought it would take.


Just because I had a lot of struggle with this project, I learned quite a lot regarding the mechanical skill of 2D animation. For example the approach of planning out the animation.

A big thing I learned, was, that when you're sure about the timing and spacing, then every inbetween frame should be the average of its previous and subsequent frame. That means, that you can just compare the previous and the following frame in terms of the joints of a person and then average the position of the joints and you will get a quite smooth motion.

It could be, that I will edit this post later on, because I feel like there are some things still need to be said about it. Maybe you can ask me questions you have about it.

In any case, many thanks for reading! :)

Bye, Lucas