Finishing Logical Fallacies
I'm working on the last few stories of the Logical Fallacies series I've been writing and I wanted to know if you have any thoughts on what I should write about. I've been working all of the stories into one fictional universe. Right now I have four main storylines that I'm playing with in that universe. 1. "Earth Park" - is the mid-term future where humanity has colonized the solar system. The shorts "Burden of Proof" and "Hope" are in this storyline. 2. "Server Farm" - is a near-term future where the company Electronic Sheep Dreams has created AI and has used it to connect people into a world-wide lucid dreaming network. The shorts "Begging the Question," Slippery Slope," "Appeal to Authority," and "Appeal to Nature" are a part of that storyline. 3. "Media Wars" - is a near-term future in which news companies are at war with each other for better ratings and more revenue. The shorts "False Cause," "Ad Hominem," "Appeal to Emotion," "No True Scotsman," "Breadcrumbs," and "A Job" are a part of this storyline. 4. "There Be Dragons" is a near-term future in which political divisiveness has nearly destroyed the United States and the work that the government does to try to hold the nation together. The short "Personal Incredulity" is a part of that storyline. I have five logical fallacies left and I want to know which storylines should get more backstory through shorts in this series. The remaining fallacies are: Fallacy Fallacy Tu Quoque Special Pleading Loaded Question and Genetic These stories won't be released until the whole collection comes out. Patrons will get a free, electronic copy of the whole thing, and select patrons will get a print copy (if they selected that reward). So, what do you want to read about?
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