Finishing up fan sign edits!
I can say for sure that I'll have to use my DSLR next time! The lighting in my apartment is not friendly to my phone, so my hopes of just uploading them right after the were taken were unkindly dashed. Booboo got tired and fell asleep halfway through. I also needed someone else to take them, so it turned out to be a lot more planning and labor intensive than I had anticipated!  That means I'm limiting them to Patreon pledges only now--I'm so sorry!  

The weather hasn't been cooperating and I've picked up a cold, so my shoot planning is off kilter too.

It looks like a locked Instagram was the favorite idea for uploading progress pictures, so I'll be working that out soon. I've also been thinking about opening an exclusive Snapchat for y'all!  I have to research the logistics but I think that might be fun and easy once I get it all together!