Hello dearest patrons. I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I, and a lot of my friends, lost people in the Oakland fire on Friday night. Seeing as how this is one of the few groups of people I feel responsible for, I just needed to step in here and say thank you for making this year really fucking great for me and the people I work with it.

Life has this funny thing of just fucking disapearing when you're not looking. And if is my time in the near future, I would just like to let you guys know you've been the highlight of my year. 

This creative project has been a big bright light in a big fucking blanket of darkness.

So, thanks fuck heads.

Also, Tommy, our resident machinimst (and longest surviving intern) has created a Patreon only chatroom in our discord. He's going to share work-in-progress stuff, behind the scenes commentary, and just tons of pictures of his dick.

So many pictures of his dick.

Remember to go to our discord, hit up one of the Protopriests for your Patreonite status and come bug the shit out of us. We may ignore you. Because we're making a fucking show and all. But you never know.