Fire Earth Goddess and Still No Internet...
Lovelies! Sorry it's  getting late with the Illustration Reward for those of you who are pledging $5+! This is a preview. I have still some things to fix and I'm also waiting for some feedback from Matt :) He always has the perfect ideas, so it's going to be worth the wait.

The moving stuff goes well so far, the only downside of things is, I won't have internet in my new home until the 21st November. Another 12 days without being able to make pinterest researches, watch DTO lessons, listen to my favourite music on the internet, blog, write you long and spontaneous letters, ... so hard :)

On the other side I quite enjoy the internet free evenings. It's so much easier to sit down and paint and sketch if there's no facebook or skype to procrastinate when resistance says hello^^

How is your week going? What is your favourite tea at the moment? Or are you more of a hot chocolate person?

Hugs and kisses and talk to you soon my sweets!