It was, at first, difficult to know where to start this. Then, suddenly, it wasn't. The point is what is worth fighting for and what is bullshit? That's the point. 

There are three friends I want to tell you about. One, a man in northern Germany...the first man to ever see the potential and importance of what I was bringing in The Sun Thief. He has spent so many years ploughing the field in Germany, no money, mostly for free, trying to illuminate the darkness. Of late, he has been dragged into court for helping a family whose son had been abducted by the German version of social services and was being abused daily. He has been fined a large sum for bringing the information to the attention of the public. He is a GOOD man and a loyal friend and I will forever have his back. I owe him so much. In fact, it is difficult to write this beginning without the eyes filling but there you are.  Anyway, I'm not surprised because this is a Lionheart and he would do this.

There was another man, a friend, and I am not even permitted by his request, to say where he is right now because too many people would guess...he has been a GOOD friend, a loyal and deeply spiritual man, and I will always have his back. He taught me about the true nature of blood and the true nature of so many things and was almost instantly struck down with blood cancer, leukemia. I promise you, when he is able, he won't shut up and neither will I, on his behalf. I shall say these things over and over and over to whomever will listen. This is a Lionheart and I will carry his bag and his staff until I can hand them back to him as they are his.

Yesterday, I discovered that another Warrior for the Truth, again in  Germany, had suffered a massive stroke. He has, with the help of a Russian healer, fought his way back regardless of what the doctors said to his wife. (Don't start on healers, I don't want to hear it). 

Now since the wee hours of this past Monday morning I have discovered just how seriously people do take what I am bringing. That has manifested in an all out assault. Well, guess what? I don't give a shit. Not one flying fuck. I will continue to say what I have COME HERE TO SAY.  

So much has become clear post eclipse. One, there are two sides even though the etheric has been spliced together. That is the trance, the overall illusion. Again, it almost doesn't worry me because I have talking about this finely crafted trance enveloping us for a very, very long time. And I have chewed some of the pieces out of it with my own goddamned teeth and held them up for myself and everyone else to see. Nothing about the new tuxedo this trance is wearing, no new ballet slippers, will change that. The PIECES are the same. So just keep going. Rumi said, I know you are tired, but come...this is the way. UP off your knees. You are the descendants of the Noble Magic. 

Which brings me to another pont. There are two clear sides now. How convenient, seriously. Just makes the whole thing that much easier to see actually. You are now required to choose your ground. If you blow that off, it is still a choice; a choice for Artificial Intelligence. In fact, I like that term about as much as I like the term Geoengineering. How very clean and smooth  and seemingly benign. I will be coming up with another term. One that actually carries the meaning of this phenomenon. It is Black. It is Dangerous. It is enslavement. It is filthy.

Back to the point. AI. Tech. That path will be slick and well-oiled and easy as pie to travel. No muss, no fuss. The price tag? You must buy into the LIE that you have no power. "Oh, dearie me! It's all going to fall apart, implode, die, burn and what have you...blah blah fucking  blah...because, well, it;s all powerful and you? A shell with no power except the ability to go where the aroma leads you." NO. But, hey, you can make that easy sparkly choice if you want to.

The other choice? The organic choice. The Original Magician. You. It will require a machete to break through those brambles every step of the way. Entities think they can stop me at this point by throwing up roadblocks? Ha! What do you think my entire life has been made of?? I am ALREADY out there, crossing that wasteland with my machete. I look to my left and to my right and I see a long single line stretching as far beside me as the eye can see of Fae, people just like me. And sometimes there's a man down, yes, but we don't leave him...we pick him up, sling him over out backs and carry him, til he can stand again. Sometimes the truth is messed up. Where is the poison actually coming from...I hate those moments. I have a Companion on this road. He is loyal. He is upright. He is powerful. I will always have his back. But he is desired by every principality that wants to acquire  control. I know he knows this. I know he will never cave. So how lucky am I to have known people such as these?

I have lost my job due to my activism although I'm not allowed to talk about that. I'm trying to move all of my efforts to a cleaner forum, this forum. I'm nannying right now to get the capital together to come and talk to you people over winter about all of these things. My advice is to let the dead bury their dead.  I hear the Nazgul screaming a lot as I trudge this minefield. 

The decision is yours. Make sure there is some honour in it. Know when it is time to be back to back.