A Fire to Circumnavigate
Today I am uploading a digital painting, which is also a poem. You are getting a small version of this piece, which will become one of the Birdverse postcards I will be sending to backers at the level of 5$ and higher. (It's never too late to upgrade!) This is a FREE update. The next paid update will be uploaded on Monday, when I will begin sharing a novella about linguistics and revolution, "The Languages of Wakewood." This painting features Tajer Ranravan (left), later in his life Tajer Kekeri, at this point in the story known as the Raker (I know, I know, but he's young) and the Old Royal (right). This scene appears in my novella in progress, "The Portrait of the Desert in Five Personages of Power," which I am hoping will become the last piece in the collection. I hope to be sharing it with you in the summer. These characters are why I began writing Birdverse. They're not always why I continue, which is good, because I don't want to write Very Big People all the time. Both of these people are nonbinary, for those of us for whom these things are important :) :) I hope you enjoy! Rose
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