Fire Walk Evidence
I walked on Fire for a few reasons. I wanted to explore the ceiling of self-limiting beliefs. Walking on fire was one of those beliefs because I knew it was humanly possible, not only that, it's relatively common. 

Off I went then, walking on fire. Here it is, just to give you some sense of validity. Of course, I was there, so, I knew I did it but you weren't, so you don't. Most of us did the walk, twice . This is my second walk. 

We raised £100 for The Prince of Wales Hospice together and I think that's a pretty wonderful thing, it certainly feels wonderful. You can still donate, if that's what you feel like doing just by visiting my justgiving page. Like our own self-limiting beliefs, there is no real ceiling to what we can make, I don't think we have to stop at £100. That in itself is a self limiting belief, right? 

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Oh, while I've got you. I'm running an inner meditation event on Sunday the 19th at We Are Wellness in Leeds. I want to teach people how to think better, or at least what I think is better than common. Come!