Firefighter Set

 If Notre Dame was in Sims 4... We'd have a huge bunch of ash now instead of Paris. Because you know what? (You know what) We have NO firefighters in Sims 4! Luckily, Paris is Paris and Sims 4 is... Well... come on, @thesimsofficial​, it's not even funny. Firefighter is a noble and NEEDED profession in our life!

* Firefighter Outfit - base game compatible male outfit, all LOD’s, all maps, 3 swatches, from YA to elder + Cas thumbnail.

* Firefighter Helmet - base game compatible male helmet, all LOD’s, all maps, 3 swatches, from teen to elder + Cas thumbnail.


1) - Recolor is allowed, but don't include mesh
2) - If you want to modify my mesh - ask first
3) - Don't steal, be nice, spread love like a fever;D


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