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If by some chance of success for us, you have enjoyed 92 Keys’ music and have found yourself listening to our songs more than once, well then a big reason for that is because of Stephen Anderson. He produces music at a level higher than most creators and we’re fortunate to have him creating this music with us.

And this arrangement of Fireflies was actually created by Stephen. It’s great to have a variety of arrangers because every person approaches a song so differently. Crista and I create arrangements that are far, far different from each other! The style of the song, the tempo, the mood, the structure of the chords all varies dramatically from person to person.

So here we are shooting this bad boy on the final day of filming for the 92 Keys EP, and everybody is just absolutely and amazingly exhausted. Six videos in six days about killed me. If you look closely (or maybe you don’t even have to look that closely) at our faces you can see the last drops of energy being consumed. After we broke down and traveled back to Boise I collapsed for about 72 hours and barely left my bed. 😮

Absolutely worth it, though.

Out of all the things I’ve done as a musician the last 22 years, writing music and creating fun videos with 92 Keys is absolutely at the top of the list.

-Trevor Loucks

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