Firestarter Magazine #5 Jan 2019

Details: 128 pages, format A4

The Firestarter Community Magazine is a networknode for the creative industry, gathering information of the events and their speakers, highlighting information and collecting their lectures and interviews. 

This is the new monthly edition that will be mainly available digitally. As a celebration it will be available for free and we wish you a happy new year!


  • Lecture: Andrew Mar, The Blank Page
  • Artbook Review: Fairies of the Faultlines by Spiridon Giannakis
  • Interview: Julian del Rey by Tatiana Rogers
  • Feature: Björn Hurri, WarmUp
  • Feature: Unknown Westeros
  • Feature: Sterling Hundley, Time Journal No 1
  • Creative Body with Vincent Ménier
  • Patreon Review: Jama Jurabaev by Flo Tasser
  • Tutorial: Hopper's Ginjoint by Bram Sels
  • Creative Mind with Sal V Cloak
  • Tutorial: Chain Plant by Hebron Gusti
  • Feature: Animation in Egypt by Ahmed Hamouda
  • IP Development: The Road to Roon by Gary Laib
  • Artist Discovery: Dominik Derow by Cristian Chihaia
  • Procreate Art Feature
  • Community Sketchbook
  • Events in January