The Firmament Narrative - Preview
These days I find myself avoiding fiction. I no longer go to the theater. When I wander my home in the middle of the night I avoid the library. I walk between the halls and the kitchen, as far away from the books as I can. Those few moments I do sleep I see the world becoming poisoned by my abstractions, twisted up in whorls as I desperately try to control my own narration. I wake barely rested, tasting blood and ink.
What is there to do now, I wonder. What work could I do at court, knowing this wretched truth? What glory can there be for our beloved Empire when it could all be just a pleasant fiction? There is nothing I can do without convincing others of this thing, and how could I possibly do that? To speak of this unwanted revelation would be tantamount to suicide. Every utterance would be madness, I would be reduced to a pauper on the street banging on a pulpit.
But equally impossible is the choice to say nothing. To deny this cornerstone of the world is to commit a sin against everyone I know.
If I still had faith I would pray for strength. Strength to live in that ignorance again. But now there is work to be done, and many words to write.
 - Journal of Octavia Winslow, 1579 

The latest series of letters available from the F.F. Society is entitled The Firmament Narrative. This story will follow the activity of a secret society that has been under our scrutiny for several years now. This series of 4 mailings sent over the course of 4 months will detail the society's long history and their influences in the present day.

If you are curious about conspiracies, ancient organizations, and the fuzzy lines between truth and fiction, then we can recommend you follow The Firmament Narrative.

This story will be available to all new members pledging during September through December of 2017. Those members receiving Heart-Shaped Glasses will receive this story after the Heart-Shaped Glasses mailings are completed.